Female Sushi chef Chidui's Nadeshico-sushi

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We provide seasonal delicious sushi and hospitality services to people all over the world.

For keeping traditional food culture in posterity

The traditional food culture of eating sushi at the counter is only left in the high-end sushi restaurant.

We want to convey the goodness of a sushi restaurant at a counter to young people and foreigners more easily.

We want to convey to many people the fun of a new type of sushi restaurant that has never been found in a sushi restaurant. I make sushi every day while having such thoughts.

Characteristics of Nadeshico Sushi

  • from procurement to cooking

     We are doing all the work from procurement to cooking, maiking Sushi.

    We serve dishes using seasonal ingredients at every time.

  • Arrangement

    In order to see and enjoy, We keep beautiful arrangement in mind.

  • Japanese sake

    The store manager purchases about 10 brands every time.

  • Face-to-face service

     We value sushi at the counter and provide services to customers while talking to them.

  • Welcome a single customer

      Currently, there are many singles in Japan and often eat alone. We will provide a friendly environment where everyone can eat while enjoying conversation and beyond nationality to make friends with each other.

   Thank you very much for having a relationship with you until the end. We are looking forward to your visit !