当店へのご意見など 採用に関するお問い合わせ 取材に関するお問い合わせ
Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Nadeshiko Sushi.
For inquiries to our shop, thank you below.
In Nadeshiko Sushi, we are waiting for opinions from everyone for creating stores that are loved by our customers even more. Please let us know if you have any comments you have visited us.
In addition, personal information such as the e-mail address you input will not be used other than the answer of the inquiry.
As acceptance is sequentially handled, you may get time of 3 to 5 days for reply.
Depending on the content, we will contact you from the restaurant.
When it is judged that the answer is unnecessary contents, it may not reply.
Since answers are sent to individual customers, secondary use such as reprint, transfer etc. is prohibited.
There are cases where you can not reply due to a system error, etc. if the e-mail address received from the customer is wrong.
We are looking for someone who can work together. If you wish to apply please entry from the mail form. I am waiting for enthusiastic entries.
In addition, personal information such as e-mail address you input will not be used for purposes other than recruitment activities.
For questions about recruitment, please contact below.

For inquiries about coverage to Nadeshiko Sushi, request of speech, please call or email us.

※E-mail address etc. Personal information will not be used except for inquiries answers.